Gather your friends(1-4 friends suggested)

Make trail equipment

(4 weeks online PCB hackathon)

Hike on the Trail

(7 days in-person Pacific Crest Trail)

Pack your bag with PCBs

You ship trail equipment, and we will ship you to the Pacific Crest Trail. The piece of equipment you make will be manufactured to supply our entire group.

Build a piece of electronic trail equipment with your friends to make this adventure possible. You can build whatever you’d like, here are some challenges you may solve for:

How are we going to...

  • Communicate long distances
  • Navigate the trail
  • Plan according to the weather
  • Save Orpheus
  • See in the dark
  • Entertain each other on the trail
  • Communicate with birds
  • Capture memories of the trip
  • Cook our food

Our journey...

Online four weeks
(May 1st - Jun 1st)

0. Come up with an idea

1. Parts & Schematic

2. Wire Up PCB & Order

3. Make A Case

4. Assemble

IRL Trail Week:
(Jul 12 - Jul 19)

Join The Expedition!

Embark on the greatest adventure of your life, make great friendships, and build a project that you didn’t think was possible.

Hopping Onboard means you're joining our team! You'll get weekly updates, invites to join our trail calls, and a trail guide to help you get you and your friends to make a cool gadget & join us on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Time till the equipment building begins...


Now to the questions...

What section of the Pacific Crest Trail are we traveling on?

What will we see along The Trail?

What will we eat?

Where will we sleep?

My parents are concerned, what should I do?

Will there be travel stipends?

How can I do this with my club?

What type of equipment can I make?

this is yours

built with <3 by teen hackers
figuring out electronics